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The Berlin Official Translation Office offers all the following services:
1. Official translation of all documents and certificates from and to almost all world languages
Berlin official translation office offers comprehensive services for translation and certification of various documents, including school and college diplomas and transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and all other sorts of legal documentaion.
2. Our office performs the official process of authentication of your translated documents through ministeries of justice and forign affairs
The government agencies, legal entities and universities around the world accept only the certified translations. Our office will carry out on request the procedure of authentication of your translated documents and certificates through the ministries of justice and foriegn affairs of Iran.
3. Translation of technical texts 
Possessing long years' experience and specialized knowledge in different fields, our highly qualified expert translators are ready to translate documents in all technical subject matters ranging from business, insurance, advertising, law, Politics, and education, to literature, medicine, psychology, engineering and many others. Whether your language translation need is large or small, the Berlin Official Translation Office is always there to assist you with your document translation requests.
4. Translation of websites 
The spread of the Internet, the globalization of national economies, and the growth of job outsourcing have stimulated demands for modern communication means. Many businesses no longer count on building their success just locally. They earn a substantial portion of their income from other countries. To succeed in such market, businesses are forced to have a professional and efficient web presence. This is not simple, but is made easier through a good partnership with a language translation team like ours. We leverage our expertise on your behalf to help you localize your technical correspondence and your website. Whatever your language needs, we can help.
5. Interpreting services 
The Berlin Official Translation Office offers high quality interpreting services in addition to our professional translation services. We only use qualified interpreters for our face to face interpreting services, which means that you can be certain they will be of the very highest quality. We can provide interpreting services for business conferences, court and legal proceedings, medical, over the phone, or for any other situation which may arise. We provids different types of interpreting services you can choose from to best suit your needs: over the phone, consecutive and simultaneous inreptreting.
The Berlin Official Translation Office offers also interpreting services to foriegn subjects during their travel to or their stay in Iran.